I celebrate your choices at this time for you have drawn the symbol of fulfillment. This is a sign that all your needs are being met, you are close to achieving your goal and can be assured that all will be well no matter if the cup is filled with a bitter juice or sweet blood-wine. You are at a time to integrate and digest what you have learned of late. Savor every moment and know that every experience is meant to feed your soul and guide you into a rich satisfying life where you have tasted all that life has to offer. Do not judge only the sweet as good for the bitter has its own powerful magick too. All is well and will be well when you choose Fulfillment.


LOVE ( message from the Spiritual Guides for those who feel lost or confused)



My child, my wondrous one, it is time to celebrate because Love is calling to you to open your heart and receive my blessings. Choosing this symbol is a powerful sign that love in all forms is in your life now. There is a responsibility to this also. You must give love freely without conditions, and love because your heart is open. There is something else here to consider. Love can be a confusing force too and can sometimes ask a sacrifice of you. If your heart is aching and feels like it’s broken, know that Love has a greater Love for you later. No matter where you are in your life right now, Love has come to guide you into an important experience. Trust in Love.



My beloved child; when the Warrior appears to you it is such a fortunate sign that no matter what is happening to you in your life you are truly protected. Whatever you are experiencing right now, all will be well! If your question is regarding love, this card represents someone who is deeply committed, protective, and kind to you. Friendship and love are sacred and these qualities are important for them to grow. If this person doesn’t have these qualities then move on for I will send you someone with a true Warrior spirit instead. Remember life is about learning and discerning who is true and who is not. There is another message here to consider. Do you embody these qualities in your self? Now is a good time to think about how committed you are to your path, then you make take action.

Preaiubitul meu copil, cand Razboinicul iti apare in cale este un semn de bun augur incat indiferent de ce ti se intampla in viata, tu est cu adevarat protejat. Indiferent prin ceea ce treci acum, totul va fi bine! Daca intrebarea ta este legata de iubire, acest card reprezinta o persoana care este profund angajata, protectoare si iubitoare cu tine. Prietenia si iubirea sunt sacre, iar aceste calitati sunt importante pentru cresterea spirituala. Daca persoana nu are aceste calitati, mergi mai departe, caci iti voi trimite pe altcineva cu un real spirit Razboinic in schimb. Aminteste-ti ca viata este despre a invata si a discerne intre cine (ce) este adevarat si cine (ce) nu este. Mai este un alt mesaj aici demn de a fi luat in considerare. Intruchipezi aceste calitati in tine insutai(insati)? Acum este mimentul oportun sa te gandesti cat de angajat esti pe calea ta, apoi poti lua hotararea de actiona.


Forbidden (Message of the day)

As your goddess I am sending you this warning. You are about to enter into a situation that will not be easy and could cause you or others pain. Not all doorways are meant to be opened, not all relationships are good for you, not all love is expressed, not all desires are made into reality. Right now I am saying no to you. It is for the best. The symbol for Forbidden also reminds you that if you are rejected by another, although you may feel pain at first, it is a way I protect you. I may whisper in someone’s ear to stay away because it is for your best even if you don’t believe it at the time. This is a symbol to move on and choose another path.



Sometimes it seems that life is split into so many parts, all of them separate and difficult to bring together. Family, friends, work, study, activities can all seem unrelated to each other. My child you are always whole and even if at times things feel separate and fragmented, that is only an illusion. Choosing this symbol reminds you that all the moving parts of your life are important. If the one you’re asking about seems confusing focus on the one that brings you clarity. Be here, now, and know that I, Nyx, love you and see you as beautiful and whole regardless of how things don’t quite seem like they fit together. Remember too when you’re trying to know something you may only be looking at one piece of a giant puzzle Ð a fragment of the truth. See the big picture through my eyes- no matter what, all is well.

(Card from Oracle Cards Reading ” Wisdom of the House of Night” by Colette Baron Reid)