Painting: “Pleiadian ‘Restore Harmony’ Light Work Model” by Teal Swan, The Spiritual Catalyst

The vibrational pattern designed by Pleiadian healers (to be used in lightwork healing), which causes something or multiple things to come into a state of harmony. This vibration is an antidote to all forms of discord.

Pictura: “Modelul pleiadian al Lucrarii Luminii in ‘Restaurarea Armoniei’ ” de Teal Swan, Catalist Spiritual

Tiparul vibrational proiectat de vindecatorii pleiadieni (Portalul Pleiade) (pentru a fi utilizat in munca de vindecare prin lumina) care determina ca un lucru particular  sau mai multe lucruri sa se aseze intr-o stare de armonie. Aceasta vibratie este un antidot la toate formele de dezordine.



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