If for the next month there was nothing being invested in promoting the paradigm of fear, the whole entire system of fear would collapse, because it just wouldn’t be able to be sustained…people would just naturally step out of fear. Why? Because the place we are walking on, or we are travelling through in the Universe as a planet — and the vibrational level that is natural to the human species — is so high right now…that it is inevitable that people’s stress would lower, their fear would go down . . . and they wouldn’t be able to be controlled so easily anymore.

If you look at today, how many people today know what Reiki is, or karma is, or chakras are, or energy fields are. You know from 10 years ago, even 2 years ago, it’s a huge, huge difference, enormous difference. And all sorts of things are happening around the planet, all sorts of people are getting together to form community gardens, to clean up the environment, to make the society, or neighborhood, or the tribe they are living in, better than it was 2 years ago.

This is happening all around the world, the trend is higher vibration, the trend is more awake.

(Inelia Benz)



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