6/10- Mesajul zilei/ Message of the day

Today, there is a lot of relationship confusion in the collective consciousness of mankind. Most especially there is confusion about how an individual’s happiness and another’s happiness can coexist. When you make a commitment to someone specific and form a relationship, you are committing to including them in your life as you. It is the souls’ quest for oneness. And because of this, you include their happiness in your happiness. Now, taking action to ensure their happiness (as long as doing that does not destroy your own) IS taking action to ensure your own happiness. There is no contradiction whatsoever then between making someone else happy and making yourself happy. And if there is… there is no real union in the relationship. There is a social arrangement. Making someone else happy in a relationship does not feel like a sacrifice if seeing them happy makes you happy. Which is what makes it… not an actual sacrifice.
TEAL (from Teal Swan, the Spiritual Catalyst)


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