Messages from your Angels 4- 10 august 2014

Alohaaaa, dear friends!

The angelic cards for this week are: Patience, Oceana and Opal.




Manifest patience and trust that your dreams will come true, that all the things in your life will reach the equilibrium again and that all will go into the right direction in order for you to accomplish your divine mission on earth and for the greater good of those who are around you. Study and search for the subjects that attract you, that make you feel free and loved. Do not hurry up, but do not hold-over endlessly. A part of the blockages that you deal with are a consequence of a lack of equilibrium between receiving and giving; you do not receive the light and you do not listen to the voice of your heart and maybe you also forgot to be a child, to play, to smile and so you become extremely serious and concerned about life. Many of the blockages will be lifted up if you listen to the interior guidance of the angels and of your soul.

Join your hands right in front of your heart, relax and try to go deep inside yourself; ask your soul what he desires and what he really wishes you to do. Wait for the answer. Do not hurry up, do not worry. Listen to the silence, get in touch with your inner self and give permission to the angels to help you, to be with you on the path that you’ve been chosen.

You are a divine child of the Cosmic Conscience and you are always loved, accepted, protected and encouraged! In order to succeed arm yourself with the weapon of patience and hold firmly the shield of faith!

If you are perseverant and if you act with faith, victory will certainly become your ally!

Angel blessings!



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