Messages from your Angels (28 July-3 August 2014)

The angelic messages for this week come from Leila, Rochelle, Serena, Chantall and Archangel Rafael.


If you felt lately stuck in a situation, emotion, project thought or negative environment, now it is time to redraw inside you, with yourself asking Mother Nature and her divine entities of light- angels, archangels, elementals, fairies, devas to help you. Enjoying a beautiful sunrise, having the intention to put in the sunset’s light all the negative energies gathered during the day, a walk in the nature, the simple intention to call and to ask for divine guidance under the stars can brings you miracles, peace and inspiration.



Don’t be afraid and don’t worry anymore about finances. Meditated upon your wishes and your intentions and follow the voice of your heart and so prosperity and the wealth in its different ways will manifest in your life.  Trust that God and the Angels will find the proper find for abundance to come to you. If you worry all the time you simply block and hide the ways of the Universe and you feel that you do not receive help. The abundance is divine in its nature and in its manifestation; abundance is God, an attribute of love and universal wisdom. If you worry and you are focused only on a single direction, the Universal Consciences knows and contains all the possibilities so that you can have money. Have faith. Follow your intuition, act under the guidance of your inner voice and give permission to the angels of abundance to help you.


Open your heart! Love and let yourself to be loved! You deserve to be loved!  You deserve all the best, because you are a Son/Daughter of Light! Shine, because you are divine! The high energy of love is around the entire planet, sustains our planet and is cleaning the planet.  New romance is possible to appear in your life, to reignite an old one or to rediscover another manifestation of love in the current relationship. The more you accept yourself, the more you love yourself as a divine light, more love will manifest around you! Love refers also to the relationship with yourself, with your superior self. Contemplate for 15 minutes every morning, before you start the day, the divine light and love from your heart!


Archangel Rafael is next to you and is helping you to beat, to understand and to overcome the physical challenges inside yourself and in others. Maybe you will feel this week the desire to read books of spirituality and healing, maybe you will feel to start a new course on self realization, to participate at a collective meditation, to go at a spiritual conference, to meditate more or to become a part in an organization or group to offer help to the others, to yourself and to the planet. These can be signs that Archangel Rafael is interviewing in your life, as a Divine Messenger and Healer bringing you comfort and healing.

Listen, receive, be grateful and act!


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