Messages from your Angels 23-29 June 2014

The Angelic Cards for this week are: Isaiah, Sonya, Yvonne and Daniel.


It is a week of renewal and interior resurrection. The angels congratulate you for taking the decision to renounce at the egoist comfort and safety zone and for choosing to give birth to new ideas and projects. The angels are here with you to help you and to support you in your manifestation of creation. The angels also remind you that there is a universal period of gestation and a universal period for manifestation and action. First, be sure that now is the right moment to act by asking for protection and guidance from heavens. New doors are opened for you, as the old is integrated in light. The angel’s message is clear: release the old, let go of the past, of everything that you don’t need to, of everything that you feel that is not right for you. Shield yourself with faith and move forward! Do not be afraid that on the road you will need to pass through a storm! Soon, the sun will show up!  Trust that your angels illuminate your path and that they maintain the flame of your lamp of wisdom and intuition!


Maybe you have the gift to connect and to intuitively communicate with the animal world and with the spirits of nature. The angels tell you to meditate upon your animal –power, to call this part of your being to protect you and to guide you in your astral journeys or in the adventures of the earthly life. Spend time with your pets. The animals can be spiritual guides undercover, guardians and angelic protectors. What is the relationship with your pet? There is an animal archetype that often appears in your dreams or in your visions? What does it trying to say to you? Is it leading you somewhere? Does it want to show you something? All animals are an unconditional source of universal love; the animals have the gift to clean the house and those who live in it of all lower energies…animals are channels and with their help we can connect with the Divine Source and Mother Gaia.

During this week it is possible to receive messages, maybe in your dreams or in your intuitions, from deceased persons that you are still attached to and who now are working in other dimensions upon the planet and are somehow implicated also in your accessional path. Never forget that your angels and spiritual guides are always with you, surrounding you with love and borrowing, if you need, their light. Open yourself to the internal worlds! Maybe you will feel guided to read or to meditate more upon death and his mysteries. Follow your intuitions, hear your inner call, they will lead you towards new ways, towards the revelations of some mysteries.


The angels of marriage announced their intention to work with you during this week. It is necessary to see marriage as a spiritual symbol, as an alliance. Marriage can refer to a strong relationship that you have with your life partner, but also with yourself, with your being- this is the cosmic marriage, the inner union between yin and yang, the sky and the earth, the sun and the moon, the up and down. Your life partner reflects in a way or in another this aspect; she or he is your own mirror, that other half that you choose and project and that you need to learn, to evolve and to know yourself. It is a love week, a very emotional period, a period of mystical and deep union with yourself and your lover, but also a period when many blockages and limitations can appear, because now you just see them better than before, because the universe wants that all those negative thinks to be solved for your greater good. The rising of this veils will lead you to understand and, most important, to live, the cosmic union, the universal love.





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