Messages from your Angels 16-22 June 2014

The messages for this week come from Athena, Sonya, Serephina and Oceana.

You were afraid of your own power, of your own being or you didn’t know how to manifest your personal power, being caught in between right and wrong. In the human collective unconscious there are many blockages regarding power: many people give to it negative connotations, limit their own power and the power of the others or simply do not understand it.


Power is divine. YOU are power; power comes from God. It is time to (re)discover and to assume your inner power because it is a gift, your legitimate and divine right. Power comes from Love. True power is love and compassion. By loving you are power, you become powerful and a source of inspiration for the others.


Power resides in action! Yes! Do not be scared anymore! Do not hide yourself anymore! Learn to fight for your personal truth, for your dreams! Stand up for what you believe in!

Is there something that you keep post-pone?  Is there something that you keep avoid to communicate? You feel that you don’t have the courage to speak your personal vision, your point of view on a certain aspect because you fear failure or confrontations?

You are strong! Take action! Trust your intuitions and your ideas! Recognize and affirm with faith your truth! Affirm yourself with love, but do not forget the firmness! Your guardian angels and yours spiritual guides are next to you, wrapping you with love and confidence!


If you suffer because of a loving person who died, you should know that she is still present in your life, but in a different form and she is involved in your spiritual ascension. Remember that life doesn’t die, it cannot be destroyed, life cannot disappear…it only changes its form of manifestation.

Whatever you decide, the angels are here to comfort and support you. The family angels say that good news will come in the circle of your family. You will receive joyful news from your family. Happy changes will occur under the power and the miracle of the divine child: these means that you will reconcile with your inner child and you will find out a way to be close to your divine child and to reintegrate past trauma from your childhood; you will experience a wonderful experience with your parents and your children, an experience that will bring you together in order to dissolve old dissensions.


Archangel Gabriel can help you to reconnect with the divine child who lives in the center of your heart, he can help you to go back in your childhood and to find the paradise from that period and Archangel Samael (Samuel or Kamuel) is here, beside you to help to affirm yourself with power, he is here to set up the interior equilibrium between compassion and firmness. Archangel Samuel announced his presence and his desire to work with you during this week by helping you to recover the power and the confidence in your being and to reveal to you the mysteries of the fire and the mysteries of the war between the contraries. You can call upon Gabriel and Samuel to assist you this week in your journey.

I will come back to write and to talk about the practices and the ways to connect with archangels.

Thank you.

Have a blessed week!



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