Messages from your Angels (9-15 June 2014)

Here are the angelic cards for this week: Shanti, Serena and Sonya.




The angels tell us: in order to have peace, find first PEACE in your heart; become aware that all the answers, all the solutions, all the directions regarding your current situation that makes you uncomfortable already EXIST. Give yourself permission to be happy, open and peaceful NOW no matter how difficult your situation seems to be. The mind says: it is necessary first to have this, to do this and only then I will be happy, I will love freely or I will leave the way I like it. This is the ego’s strategy; the ego will always have something to reply, his plan being to eternally post-pone the interior state of peace. Peace and prosperity are internal paradigms. If you ARE in peace and in internal abundance, soon the exterior will take the form of the interior. Peace and prosperity manifest in life when you love. If you have material difficulties or you feel stock in fears and daily worries and you have the feeling that you cannot hear the angels or your spiritual guides, your inner voice, it is because your soul wants to open more and somehow you are closing yourself with rational theories. For the peace and prosperity to manifest in your energetically fields, the key is the Anahata chakra. Open your love center, let love to manifest though you and around you; love more and judge less. Detach yourself from everything that others may think of you, from fears, from doubts; don’t judge them and don’t judge yourself too severely.  Stay in your heart and love. Pay attention to all the opportunities, to all the ways, messages and directions that you perceive around you; this entire can be keys to surpass/ resolve what bothers you. The persons to whom you are thinking so frequently, all those around you or those persons who left this world are safe in the arms of the Divine Source, they are loved and so are you in Heaven and on Earth!



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