Messages from your Angels (2 June- 8 June 2014)

Here are the angelic cards for this week: Oceana, Opal and Serephina. As you all know, I work with the angelical oracle cards by Doreen Virtue, Messages from your Angels.


If in the past week, the angels told us to have patience and to spend more time studying, this week they tell us to act for your greater good of for the good of the others. Act! You are in touch with the truth and you have divine guidance in this situation! Act firmly, with confidence if you know deep down in your heart that this is the right path, if your intuitions and you soul tell you so. Make that phone call! Read that book! Start that painting! Invest in that business!  Do that project! Give up at any fear, any doubt and any limitation that undermines YOUR PERSONAL POWER! Assuming your personal power implies responsibility and conscientious action, not mechanical reactions. Do not let anyone to decide in your place your most important things in life. Action is the POWER OF MANIFESTATION. Manifestation is MAGIC and it happens moment by moment. YOU are the creator of LIFE and of your REALITY who is unique and not repeatable. The angels want you to discover this internal power and to let your dreams free to become concrete actions. The angels of Being, the angels of Manifestation and the angels of Action are here to help you. Archangel Metatron can initiate you in the mysteries of the manifestation, if you have this intention. Shine! Ask your guardian angels to guide you in any action you wish for.


The power of manifesting is the power of the golden CHILD. In this magical week the angels say to us to spend more time with our families, with our children or nephews, but not to forget that we are also CHILDREN. The child is the divine essence, is the soul who needs to be guided, taking care of, protected and loved. When we spend time with the little ones, we become more serene, more relaxed, smiling because the children have this gift to connect us with the Divine Source. The angels say that is ok to be children one’s again, it’s ok to play, to have fun, to be curious and creative and to laugh even in the most serious moments. We are all divine children of God and we are all a big universal family.


A good period to forgive, especially to forgive yourself, to resolve any blockage or limitation related to the DIVIN CHILD; those blockages can reflect in the relationships with your children in the terrestrial family or with that part of yourself who, just like a disobedient child, you have neglected it and have forgotten to give it love and who now yells in your interior and asks to give it a big hug! Your feelings are like children; what are your feelings regarding…put here all the aspects in your life: finances, career, love, hobby etc. Take time to listen to yourself! Be sincere with yourself and with those around you. Treat yourself and the others as you were children!  Angel Anael and Archangel Gabriel   can help you to reactivate your state of wonder: remember that that any child is in a permanent state of wonder about everything that is surrounding him and about himself. When we were children we used to think that everything is magic, that we always have something to discover, to experience and to know. And so it is now, the angels say. Reconnect with you INNER CHILD, with the things that really make you happy and give up to the angels all your worries, all your fears, and all your anxiety that are blocking your heart and make you so serious! God is always taking care of his children on Earth and on Heaven!



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