The Feeling of Oneness

heart-onenessLOVE is the nearest human word who reflects the state of Oneness or the consciences of Oneness. In LOVE we are all ONE. This can’t be understood only with the mind. The mind thinks; the mind analyzes, the mind conceptualizes, the mind registers, the mind synthesizes at a logical level of the existence. The mind can’t speak about the mind or about the heart. When the mind speaks about the mind, an absurdity appears.  The absurdity is chattering. This is why, it is said that we need to descend the mind in the heart or that we should unite the mind with the heart. The mind is not a limit or a limitation. Through self spiritual education we can teach the mind to enter in communion with the Oneness, to remind it, to step into the Immemorial. The BLISS, the ECSTASY OF SIMPLY EXISTING in the PRESENT as PURE and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Each person ascends to the place they are ready. This means that you live what you are choosing; every experience of life is your projection and so you are always ready to live it, to accept it, to assimilate it no matter how negative and difficult is seems to be.

Every place is unique and important for the One. There are no identical places, as there are no two persons whom will live the exact experiences. And yet we are all ONE.

How can we recognize the experience of Oneness? The place is a non-place. The place is not a time/space place or a place in time and space, but a state of LOVE without restrictions and fears. This state allows the  crossing of all the states and places, being simultaneously all the states and all the places. This is what YOU already ARE.


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