Messages from your Angels (27 May- 1 June 2014)


I apologize for the late publication on the blog of the angelic cards reading for this week; the busy schedule didn’t allow me to concentrate and to interiorize myself.

Here are the Angels that communicated through the oracle cards:

This week is a week dedicated to patience, to prosperity and to peace. It is preferable not to rush to act. In this period is beneficial to cultivate patience, to redraw in the interior in order to hear the voice of the heart. The Angels remind us that there is a time for cultivation and another time for fruits.   The time for good fruits hasn’t arrived yet. In order to have good crops, interior study is needed.


Enjoy the knowledge and the celestial information that you receive! Empty your interior vessel for the Universal Library to drop the divine wisdom in your souls!

It is a good period to gather new information, to meditate and to connect with the interior realms. Write the new ideas that come to you! Do not be afraid! The time for action will come and the knowledge will soon be synthesized into action!

Write the new ideas, study more if you feel so to do it, but do not communicate yet your dreams and your plans. Do not tell your dreams to the skeptical persons! Communicate your dreams to God and to us, your Guardian Angels! Put this intention to develop a dialog with God, with the Angels and with your Being! After you analyze and you gather the necessary information and after you know the right directions and you are full of confidence… you can act!

The Angels of prosperity respond constantly to your prayers regarding security and financial situations. It is important to realize that your fears and worries obstruct prosperity to fully manifest in your life. The Angels perceive money as energy of change. In order to heal your relationship with money it is necessary to become aware of your negative conceptions, system beliefs and mental programs and to observe how those mental negative beliefs are opposing to the abundance and to the divine purpose assumed in life. Maybe your financial resources are blocked for the moment and the cause could be an overwhelming feeling of guilt and self pity. We, the Angels of prosperity and of Abundance are here to help you, to heal and to lift these blocks in order to become full of beneficial energies and full of faith to bring money in your life.


The one, who listen to his heart, will step for sure in the realm of love and abundance.

The Angels of Peace promise smooth escape from harsh and tensioned situations.  It is a noisy period in the exterior level, but also in the interior level, because the exterior always reflects what already exists in the interior. The mind desires tranquility and relaxation. The Angels of Peace are here and now with us to smooth the road ahead, to give us tranquility and to bring peace to the agitated souls and minds.


You have the capacity to elevate yourself above all tests and temptations! You know to fly above the traps and the hurricanes of the ego! The breath meditations, the light contemplations, the awareness that you are floating in the Great Spirit Breath help to find harmony and equilibrium.  Peace is acceptance of what comes and of what it is. There is no good and evil. White and black are simply two different colors; in the same way, good and evil are different energies. It is important to assume with peace and with great understanding the interior game of light and shadow. The authentic peace resides in the reconciliation of the contradictories, in the fully acceptance of the self. When you fully embrace yourself, you start to look at the world within the same paradigm of acceptance, understanding and compassion. This leads us to the Universal Peace. If you feel lost, overwhelm aggressed, call upon the Angels of Peace, the Angels of Prosperity and Abundance, the Angels of Patience and the Angels of Knowledge! They want to work with you and to help you in the exercise of your free will!

Transition with joy-light-love!


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