Angel Messages for this week (19- 25 may 2014)

The Angels tell us that this week is a week for relaxing time and for healing. At the beginning of the week we are guided to give more time to the self carrying. The Angels ask us to remember that if we take good care of ourselves than we take good care of the others and of the entire planet. By learning to love ourselves, to accept ourselves and to give ourselves what is better to us, we do this for a higher purpose, for everyone’s good.  By personnel ascending we become light workers helping the other and this beautiful planet. The Angels whisper to us to give more attention this week to the physical body and to its needs. It could be a good period to connect to our physical body, to meditate upon matter, materiality and to talk to our cells and to our internal organs and to give ourselves light!


Let’s learn to listen to our bodies! Let’s try to find out if the alimentation that we have is raising our vibration or if it brings us lower vibrations, if we need meditation to release the tensions from our physical body and to relax certain parts of our body or if we need more or less  sleep. Give yourself a relaxing treat! Date yourself in a hot bath with oils and perfumes, start the dance course that you keep delay, indulge your body with a massage!

Open your body spiritually to receive relaxation and love! This activity can be only beneficial and the clarity, the purity and the love that you carry inside will flow in the place you are living it!

The Archangels Ariel and Raphael already announced their intention to work with us during this week!

Archangel Ariel came with his message of inner peace and self acceptance through the awareness and the acceptance of your divine gifts and Archangel Raphael came with his healing light.


Self healing means also healing the others, the planet and the Universe!

The prayers and the spiritual practices in order to find out what are your divine gifts and to manifest them by invoking Archangels Ariel and Raphael are welcome this week!


Archangel Raphael can help you in any challenge and problem involving the healing at the physical, mental and emotional level; Archangel Ariel desires to work with you, by reminding you that each and every human being is a divine sparkle and that the time has arrived for you to accept and to open your gifts at the higher frequency possible! By accepting your divine gifts you give to the others joy-light-love! By giving to the others, you help this planet! Spending time with yourself, taking a day or two off to retreat, loving yourself and paying attention to your needs, giving yourself the joy to simply exist listening to the small pleasures of the body aligns you with the Divine Source! After all, the body is the Temple of the Spirit, of the Great Blast!

We thank you for working on this planet with us as a Earth Angel!



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